Check out Different Countries Celebrating World Photography Day?

1. Check out the Celebration in the United States of America:

America is the home of the good inventor Mark Zuckerberg. In recent times, Facebook has become a platform for various people around the world to understand the work of Photographers. The Planet Photographic Forum can be a Facebook group created World Photography Day for photography lovers.

The group began awarding photography prizes from February 1, 2017. Here the photos are scrutinized by the renowned Facebook founders of this group and therefore the best images are declared as the simplest photos as the choice of the curator on a day-to-day basis. Not only this, but people across the country also welcome with open hearts today, participates in the competition, and appreciates the work of others.

2. Look at the international Photography Day in France:

The international day of photography is highly anticipated in France because it is often here that photography originated. People receive today with great joy and various competitions. Not only are various exhibitions within the public and personal sector discovered, but also amateur photography exhibitions, people are brought up to date and their works are appreciated by all.

The French spend their free time playing, painting and watching movies. Apart from this, they also attend the ocean and mountains and spend time wandering there because these beautiful moments give them sweet memories for a lifetime.

3. Know about the World Photography Day in England:

Every year, International Photography Day is welcomed in England with great pleasure. Photography is widely known throughout the year through various awards and ceremonies in England. People from different countries participate annually in the world famous photography awards that are held in London, England.

The winners and finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards are announced in January with photographers from around the world awarding the simplest images in architecture, portraiture, wildlife and singles. There are other special categories like travel, vacation, and lifestyle.

The celebration of World Photography Day provides a comprehensive platform for the people of England to spread awareness of the country’s various issues through photography.In the seminars the theme of the most important issues in the country is persisted, and thus photography becomes a way of raising awareness among the people of England.

4. Some tips for organizing Photography Day in India:

India can be a great country full of different customs and traditions. Everyone has their way of celebrating, which excites them. Thousands of people enroll in college or university to learn photography, and some people obtain the art of photography as a gift from God.

Great photographers like Raghu Rai, Homi Vairalla, Dabboo Ratnani, Dayanita Singh are a neighborhood of our community for a long time. Now is the time for our future generations to prove themselves in this field. Here are some tips for celebrating International Photography Day in India.

5. Look at the Celebration in India to Celebrate:

Indians should take photography as a profession rather than a college hobby and encourage them to understand facts and details through professional universities. Money making events should be organized in all cities on World Photography Day, where everyone can participate with no admission cost and gain admission to schools and universities that support their work and fulfill their dreams.

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